Culture At Work

The real estate industry is a competitive one and I’m always looking for the right agents to join our Keller Williams family. I’m amazed at the agents who I ask to meet with me to look at our company who say, “I would never join Keller Williams.” I’m always curious how someone can make that decision with out truly understanding us.

Maybe it’s because we let other people tell our story. Maybe it’s because our company is different. Maybe it’s because the old-fashioned companies don’t like how Keller Williams has changed the industry and seen huge growth through one of the toughest markets in history. I’m not really sure. But I do know this… our company has culture that is unmatched in our industry. When an agent “gets it” they often realize Keller Williams IS a match for them.

Over the last few days we’ve had two amazing examples of our culture.

The first happened Friday in Des Moines, Iowa. When the Keller Williams Market Center opened there about a year ago, the largest competitor in the market refused to pay any commissions over $1 to Keller Williams agents. Of course, KW agents still showed the competitors homes to buyers and, at times, sold home without getting paid the commissions they earned. Not to worry… the Keller Williams family across North America stepped up to support our family in Iowa and raised over $100,000 to send to those agents. Mo Anderson, the Vice-Chairman of the Board, delivered the $107,040 to the agents in the Des Moines Market Center on Friday. Now many of our agents at Keller Williams Realty Tampa Properties are taking money from every closing to put in that fund to help KW agents in the future.

The second example of our culture happened this week in Plantation, Florida. A group of agents in that Market Center entered the Powerball lottery and won $1,000,000! Yes… that is ONE MILLION DOLLARS! While winning that lotto is awesome, it’s what they did after winning that shows what the people in this company are all about. Take a look…

Keller Williams is built on a belief system we call the WI4C2TS. It’s simple really.

Win Win: or no deal

Integrity: do the right thing

Customers: always come first

Commitment: in all things

Communication: seek first to understand

Creativity: ideas before results

Teamwork: together every achieves more

Trust: begins with honesty

Success: results through people

These two stories are awesome examples of that culture. It doesn’t stop there. Look at what KW Cares does to support our associates, staff and their families in times of need or how RED Day is changing the communities we live in. This company is built on supporting and helping others, with selling real estate as our avenue to make that happen.

It may be easy for a competitor to try to recreate parts of our company. They may have training, or a cap on commission splits or have profit share program. What they can’t copy is the culture. It’s the people who make Keller Williams different and I’m proud to be part of this family. I’m thankful of the opportunities this company has given me and I’m excited about what’s ahead.

You have a choice. You can believe the things you hear or you can find out for yourself. You’ll be amazed what happens when you work in a place with a culture like this. Just ask the agents in Iowa or the new transaction coordinator in Plantation. It’s the culture that makes the difference.

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